The Best Christmas Sale of 2021: Save Big At HIBLE

christmas sale

It's officially December which means Christmas sales are in full swing from all retailers. The 2021 Christmas sales event is the perfect opportunity to snag a discount if you missed out on the Black Friday weekend bonanza.

HIBLE offer the most significant discount code for Christmas in 2021:

flag pole sale
  • Save $10 Over $60

          Code: MC10

  • Save $20 Over $100

          Code: MC20

  • Start And End Time: Nov 14th- Nov 24th


Hot Products on HIBLE:

5FT Carbon Fiber Black Flag Pole (no flag)

The classic black is the most popular color in our store. This 5FT flag pole is made of T300 real carbon fiber. The 3K glossy surface is wrapped to make your flag pole premium and cool.

flag pole for truck

5FT Carbon Fiber Black Flag Pole (embroidered US flag)

This flag pole kit is with an embroidered American flag (heavy-duty flag, brass grommets, sewn stripes, water-resistant, vivid color). Our customers love our quality flag as well as the carbon fiber pole. In other words, the carbon fiber pole deserves a heavy-duty embroidered flag!


flag pole for house

6FT Carbon Fiber Black Flag Pole (us flag)

5FT flag pole is suitable for 2*3FT, 3*5FT flags or banners (2*3FT is the best)
6FT flag pole is suitable for 2*3FT, 3*5FT, 4*6FT flags or banners (3*5FT is the best)
You can choose a suitable flag pole size to match the flag or banner.

residential flagpole

10*10 FT Carbon Fiber Blue Beach Tent (UPF50+)

People love enjoying time at the beach but feel inconvenient to carry a large and heavy package. Therefore, a fantastic, sturdy, and portable beach tent is necessary! HIBLE carbon fiber beach tent has all functions you need.

beach tent sun shelter

5FT Carbon Fiber Silver Flag Pole (no flag)

Compared with the black carbon fiber flagpole, the silver flagpole is stunning under sunshine since the silver color will reflect more sunlight. If you want your flag pole to catch others' eyes, a silver one is always better than a black one.

silver flag pole


6FT Carbon Fiber Bike Flag Pole (safety flag)

Bike riding is a lot of fun, but accidents may happen. Bike flags keep drivers aware of the bicycle by placing a moving object of bright, neon color right in their line of sight. The beautiful orange safety flag in our flag pole kit is waterproof and easy to clean. The sturdy carbon fiber pole can last for a long time!

bike safety flag pole


About HIBLE:

We are a group of banner/flag lovers, we have bought many flag poles to hold our favorite flags, but they have many problems like bending, breaking, or wrapping. Therefore, we are trying to find a new kind of sturdy material that can instead of traditional materials. We did it! We found "carbon fiber" rigid and never rusted, extremely suitable for flagpole! After we found this suitable material, we are going to add more functions like making flags tangle-free and making rings adjustable.
So, "HIBLE" was born!

Why choose products made by Carbon Fiber?

Carbon is very stable and carbon fiber is always called "the king of material," it has many characteristics such as high strength and lightweight. It's widely used in the field of aerospace, F1 racing cars, medical instruments, robots, and drones. The products made by carbon fiber are sturdier, lighter, more rustproof, and waterproof than the same products made by aluminum alloy, wood, or stainless steel. Also, the 3K surface makes them look cooler!

real carbon fiber
flag pole never rust


Moreover, you can get a free flag pole for the house if you take part in our activity! More details: CLICK

free flag pole


We sincerely hope you could enjoy the shopping in HIBLE :)