The First Carbon Fiber Beach Tent

How's the weather? People love enjoying time at the beach but feel inconvenient to carry a large and heavy package. Therefore, a cool, sturdy, and portable beach tent is necessary!

HIBLE carbon fiber beach tent has all functions you need:

1. Large space

Our sunshade tent is 10 * 10 ft, four tall carbon poles keep the entire canopy area staying at the full height that increasing the shaded area by 50%, large enough for 8-10 adults

carbon fiber beach sun shelter

2. Excellent sun protection

Our tent for the beach was crafted with water-resistant and UPF 50+ elastic Lycra fabric, lockout UV rays damage, and sunburn, protects your skin.

carbon fiber beach tent

3. Easy to set up

We use a pop-up design to make the assembly process more convenient. Also, our carbon fiber tent pole has a sharp part under it, which can be easily inserted into deeper sand to enhance stability.

carbon fiber beach sun shelter

4. Light and portable

With the advantage of carbon fiber, we can offer customers the lightest pop-up tent poles. And the size of our package is only 20 * 10 * 5 in, it’s easy to carry. 

beach sun shelter

5. Unique and cool

The unique 3K surface of the carbon pole will make your tent different at the beach. 

Here is the customer review of the HIBLE carbon fiber beach tent! It's a sturdy and unique beach tent: