5 Foot Carbon Fiber Flag Pole Strong Flag Pole for House, Boat, Truck, RV, Vehicle, SUV
Black Flag Pole Kit American Flag Pole 5FT Carbon Fiber Flag Pole
Flag Pole For Truck, Pick-up, Jeep, Boat, Motorcycle Sturdy Flag Pole
1 Inch Single Piece Tangle Free Flag Poles with Smooth Bearings Flag Pole Rings
Black Carbon Fiber Flag Pole Black Flag Pole House, Truck, Tard, RV, SUV
5FT One-piece Flag Pole For Truck, Jeep, RV, Pickup, House Carbon Fiber Flag Pole

Carbon Fiber Flag Pole 5FT One-piece Flag Pole For SUV, Truck, RV (1" Diameter, Black) - HIBLE

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Brand: HIBLE
Material: Carbon Fiber
Length: 5FT
Weight: 0.6kg (±50g, with the package)
Accessories (No Flag, No Bracket):
2* Smooth bearings rings 
【What is Carbon Fiber?】

Carbon fiber is always called "the king of material," it has many characteristics, such as high strength and lightweight. It's widely used in aerospace, F1 racing cars, medical instruments, robots, and drones. It's so cool if you have a hi-tech-ish carbon fiber product.

【Why Choose Our Flag Pole?】

  • Premium Material - Carbon is one of the most stable elements in the world. Carbon fiber is always called "the king of material" because it has high strength and lightweight characteristics. It's lighter but more sturdy than regular stainless steel and aluminum flag poles. This one-piece boat flag pole is made of natural T300 carbon fiber.
  • Tangle-Free and Adjustable - The HIBLE flag pole is equipped with newly designed 360° rotating flag pole rings, which allow flags to fly freely and not wrap or tangle in the wind. This 5-foot flag pole is perfect for your 2'*3' or 2.5'*4' or 3'x5' Flags.
  • Sturdy and Rust Free - The thickness of the HIBLE carbon fiber flagpole is over 1.3mm, and the strength is 5-7 times that of aluminum and steel. It can easily bear at least 80 LB dumbbells and stay straight in our bearing test video. HIBLE flag poles can withstand outdoor weather and do not worry about corrosion or rust.
  • Widely Usage - The flag pole diameter is 1 inch (about 2.54cm) and fits most 1-inch flag pole mounts. This flag pole can be installed for your walls, house, garden, yard, roof, boat, or truck.
  • Easy to Assemble 
    1. Attach your flag to the top and bottom hook.
    2. Adjust the mounting rings to a suitable place to fit your flag (not too loose or tight) and fasten the screw.
    3. After fixing the bracket, insert the flag pole into the bracket.
    4. Finish the installation and enjoy the fashionable carbon fiber flag pole!
  • Warranty - We stand behind our products! You will get a worry-free 1-year warranty and friendly customer service. With our 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assured that you will get a refund if our products do not meet your needs. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

【About HIBLE】

We are a group of banner/flag lovers. We have bought many flagpoles to hold our favorite flags, but they have many problems like bending, breaking, or wrapping. Therefore, we are trying to find a new sturdy material instead of traditional materials. We did it! We found "carbon fiber," rigid and never rusted, highly suitable for flagpoles! After seeing this suitable material, we will add more functions like making flags tangle-free and adjusting rings.

So, "HIBLE" was born!


  1. Keep the installation direction as shown in the picture.
  2. Never Stretch the flag too tight. Hang the banner slightly loose, and then the spinners will work.
  3. Use water-resistant grease on the top and bottom of the swivel rings and inside after prolonged use.
  4. If any further info is needed, contact us.