Why We Choose HIBLE 12 FT Carbon Fiber Flag Pole?

To meet the need to fly bigger flags & banners, HIBLE produced the 12FT flag poles. Here, you can compare the different sizes of flags on the 12FT flag pole.

Our customers also like this 12FT flag pole made of carbon fiber:

  • Fire T.: Great quality, light weight, easy to set up and store because it collapses from 12Ft into 5Ft. You will need a posthole digger, cement, and the right size pipe for installation. 


We all know that the longer the flagpole, the easier it is to bend or break. Why do we still produce and sell the 12ft flagpole?

1. Sturdy. Carbon fiber is 5-7 times sturdier than other poles.
2. The telescopic design makes the pole stronger
3. We have our clamp mold, which is of great quality and lasts a long time.

Here, we tested the 12FT carbon fiber flag pole. Tied 3kg weights and observed the sturdiness and degree of bending. Let's have a look.

The flagpole is still straight with the weight and keeps in its original status. You can trust the HIBLE carbon fiber flagpole forever!

If you also need this 12FT carbon fiber flag pole to display your flag, here is the link:


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We also sell the 16FT carbon fiber flag pole, our new product!