Customer Shows Of 7FT/8FT Carbon Fiber Flagpole

The most common flag pole size on the market is 6FT and 5FT. But many customers need longer flag poles for some reason. HIBLE considers the need of all customers and have launched carbon fiber flag poles in 7FT and 8FT.

What's the feedback of the longer flag poles?


Trevor Ball: Excellent product and amazing customer service!!


Mahiskali: Perfect. Seriously. Used two of the "home improvement store" specials before, and always ended up with twisted and tangled flags. The difference here is measurable. At no point has our flag been tangled with this new pole, regardless of the wind. Don't bother with anything else, this is worth every penny.


Yaroslav: It's perfect, light and sturdy enough.


Gary B. : Easy to install and looks great..


Jimmy: This is absolutely fabulous. Thank you so much. It looks great and you did an outstanding job to make it happen. Thank you.



Sherryl Gerber: This extension will keep my flag from whipping up against my roof and high enough above my sidewalk.


Nikki M. : About 4 months after installing the flag pole we had a joint section of the pole that cracked. We were pretty bummed, but contacted the vendor and they were fast to respond and great to work with. They replaced the original unit and sent a new flag pole with stronger joints. It looks great and we're looking forward to enjoying it going forward. Thanks for the great customer service!



Rick N.: Their customer Service was GREAT! I would definitely recommend buying their products to anyone. Thank You! 


John D.: My flag looks beautiful on it!


VICKI C. : My first one broke snd unscrewed after first rain storm. Upon contacting the company they shipped a replacement right away and made sure the improved model was shipped. I definitely saw the improvement right away. Thank you.


Donald E Alford: I needed the 8ft pole for my 4ft by 6ft flag.
Used correctly, the flag doesn’t fowl or hang up as with lesser poles I’ve used. 


Brian Reid: The new pole is sturdy enough that I plan to add a state flag below the US flag.

Bill B. : I bought this flag pole because the one I had from Grace Alley rusted into my flag and showed a great deal of deterioration after only a few months. This new one from Hible is far superior. The carbon fiber is super strong. The threaded part that connects the segments together is extra long to handle the weight and force when the wind blows. The top piece seems to be able to withstand the elements without fading, and is replaceable in case it weathers or I just want to replace it with a different ornament. The original spinners are metal so they won’t crack from the sun. One of those spinners was a little sticky. Probably a bit of grease or oil would have done the trick but customer service sent me new ones which were even better quality and these are not sticking at all. I am pleasantly surprised by the responsiveness and follow up by customer service. They contacted me right away and texted me to ensure that I received my replacement and whether it not I had any problems or questions. This is a top notch company with excellent products. Now if only I can find the same quality in the flag. 😀. Thank you very much. I have already told my friends about my satisfaction with the product and service. Very nice.

Scott: I had a normal 5 ft flag pole and the flag would get caught on the edge of the roof and gutter. My wife and I decided to install new posts so I decided to put up a new flagpole. I like the fact that it's black because it matches the black hinge on the shutters. I also like the fact of this being carbon fiber because I know how strong it will be and light it is. I bought the 8-ft pole so I could set it up straighter than the 45° angle, to help the flag from wanting to lay on the pole and the 8-ft to get it higher in the air and more away from the roof. Because of its length, I didn't want the mount to get the brunt of the beating from an 8-ft Pole pulling on it all the time so I also put in a extra bracket 2 1/2 feet up the pole and attached it to the gutter to make it very stable for windy days.

Robert: I received the delivery of the new style flag pole and connections and have installed the flag poles for fit up purposes.
The new style flag poles fit as intended and are good to go.
The flags are now displayed above the Airstream’s front windows as desired.
Looking at the attached picture the RIGHT flagpole (Texas Flag) is the NEW-style pole and connection. The LEFT flagpole (USA Flag) is the OLD-style pole and connection.
****** Some positive product feedback – The NEW style connection is a much smother connection fit up. The NEW style connection screws together with a much smoother action than the old style connections.
Hible Customer Service is outstanding. They assisted me immediately with my assistance request and followed up with me immediately all long the process until I was completely satisfied.
Other vendors should and could take note of their customer service excellence.

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