Customer Shows Of 5FT Carbon Fiber Flagpoles

As the most common size of flag poles, 5FT flag poles are our top-selling products. Here we received some customer show pics. Let's look at how they suit the carbon fiber flag pole with their house.

5FT Carbon Fiber Flag Pole (Black/Silver)

  • Brian J.: I was searching for the most robust pole I could find for my golf cart and found it! I typically fly the three college flags but also fly 3x5' flags for festivals (St Patty's Day, Pride Parage, Highland Games, American Flag, etc). My cart goes 30 MPH and it is plenty strong for even the large flags!. The mount is strong and I attached it to my roof rack with ss screws. You can't go wrong putting your flag in the wind with this pole


  • Kelly: I purchased the flagpole for home use and was attracted by the carbon fabric material of this one. After receiving it, it was easy to assemble and suitable for many sizes of flags. The carbon fiber outer surface is attractive to us, this texture is full of power in any environment, more importantly, they are light and reliable. After installed outside our home, it perform well in high wind condition, at the same time, the tangle free design is ingenious.


  • Irasema P.: We loved it! Sturdy and looks beautiful


  • J. R.: This flagpole was everything and more that I was looking for. It was easy to pit together, the bag is perfect for storage and beautiful at the sandbar. I spent 8 days in the Florida Key’s and rode offshore everyday in big chop, no issues! I love this flagpole!


  • Ji S.: Great pole for my Helloween banner. Solid made. Highly recommend.


  • Nate: Looks great!


  • Elizabeth: I got this flag pole for Christmas from my wife. Unfortunately during some really severe weather the bottom section cracked while I was trying to force it out of the base without grabbing a wrench. The weather was really nasty. It was -40 and the wind was blowing steady at 30mph with gusts of 50!! Feeling bad I emailed the company on a Saturday asking if I could buy a replacement piece. Customer service responded to me that day. They immediately offered to replace the entire pole with an upgraded version. The value of the customer service and the bonus of seeing a company improve their product was truly an impressive experience. Especially these days where it is hard to find people who care after you have given them money. I will always remember this, and absolutely be a repeat customer. The product line is innovative and unique. The wind here is relentless, and this flag pole performs 24/7!


  • Anthony Grigos: Thank you, yes I did receive it, 5*


  • John E.: The flagpole is definitely the best of all the others out there in all aspects. 5 star product iui 


  • Rod W.: There are many options when it comes to flagpoles. I have flown flags for decades and during that time have used many different flagpoles of various materials. After the failure of one of my flagpoles I came across a flagpole made from carbon fiber by a company named HIBLE. I was so pleased with the flagpole that I replaced not only the one that had failed but the rest of my flagpoles as well. The last flagpole you will ever buy. Highly recommended by me.


  • Belle: As seen in the picture, these flag poles are proudly flying a flag from each of our heritages! Customer service is awesome & responds quickly!


  • Scott E.: Easy to assemble, looks great and very strong pole. The additional sections made it great to use on the boat, tailgating and at the house.


  • Colleen O'Brien: Barbara, could not have been any more helpful.
    HIBLE is the way to go. Barbara understood my needs with the location being extremely windy. Do yourself a favor buy HIBLE Products !



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We have black flagpoles in different sizes (5FT6FT7FT8FT, 12FT, 16FT), silver flag pole, and one-piece flag pole without connectors (3FT single piece, 5FT single piece). You can always find one to meet your need!