Why Some People Like The Single Flag Pole?

With the sale of our 3FT single flag pole, more and more people fall in love with the single flag poles and email us due to the need for longer lengths.

Why does a single pole appeal to them?

1. Sturdy enough.

You can install a single-piece flag pole on your motorbike, boat, or pick-up truck. Without the connectors, a one-piece flag pole is the most robust if they have the same length.

2. Never bend.

Cause it's a single piece, the flag pole won't bend even during bad weather. To ensure sturdiness, we usually do not suggest producing long flag poles in several parts.

After many surveys and tests (about sturdiness), HIBLE produce flag poles under 5FT in a single piece,
Produce 5FT - 8FT flagpoles in several sections.
Produce longer flag poles in telescopic type.

3. Never rust.

Some people may worry about the rust of aluminum connectors (we have tested our flagpoles with connectors, and they won't rust). The single-piece flag pole does not have connectors, and the carbon fiber will never rust. You can fly them on the sea or in humid or rainy places.

4. Lighter

The single-piece flag pole does not have aluminum connectors, so it has a lower weight.

However, if you need a flag pole that is easy to store and ship, we will suggest you choose flagpoles that have several sections.

As long as you want, you will always find a suitable flag pole from HIBLE!

Now, our single-piece flag pole is on a New Arrival Sale. You can enjoy a 10% discount (code "NEW") if you need this one-piece, sturdy carbon fiber pole!