Where Will You Use A HIBLE Carbon Fiber Tent?

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, are you preparing to go out with your tent? Where will you pitch your tent?

(all tents in the pics are HIBLE carbon fiber tents)

On Grass Camping Pitches

Spending time outdoors isn’t just an excellent way to have fun this summer-it’s good for you. Camping/picnicking benefits everyone, old and young that you and your family can enjoy outdoors. Here we compiled 10 benefits:

1. Reduced Stress. Reduced Anxiety.
After just 20 minutes connected to nature, people can experience a drop in stress hormones.

2. Improved Mental Health. Reduced Depression.
Time in nature can increase vitality and boost your mood and overall well-being.

3. Greater Happiness & Improved Mood.
Spending time with friends and family without daily distractions can renew closeness and appreciation for your loved ones.

4. Increased Physical Activity.
Along with setting up your campsite, hiking, biking, fishing, swimming, canoeing, and more are so much fun you won’t even realize you are exercising.

5. Time to Focus.
Too much chronic digital device time affects our ability to concentrate, remember and regulate emotion. Commit to the experience, step away from screens, and reconnect without digital distractions.

6. Sunshine & Fresh Air.
Fresh air helps to cleanse your lungs, allowing you to take deeper breaths. Natural sunlight can produce the daily amount of Vitamin D needed for optimal health.

7. The thrill of a Challenge.
New experiences that stimulate you mentally and physically help keep the brain healthy, not to mention the positive feelings of accomplishment and pride when you challenge yourself and use creativity.

8. Eating Healthier.
Camping eliminates the fast-food option and encourages us to eat whole foods.

9. Increases Self-Confidence
Putting up the tent, starting a fire, and cooking a meal; are all activities that, once completed successfully, can help kids (and adults) build self-confidence.

10. Creates New Friendships

Today, camping/picnicking can be a community of friends and family enjoying a common interest. Often, we congregate around each other’s tents or campfires and share fun stories. Not only do parents make new friends, but so do the kids.

Whatever the time of year, modern life can make you feel run-down, stressed, and disconnected from the ones you love. Science is precise that camping/picnicking is an excellent way to heal your ills, boost your mood, and strengthen your relationships. It sounds like a simple fix, and it is. 

On the Beach


Most people have come to associate the beach with relaxation and happiness. You might automatically think of the beach when you feel burnt out at work and need a vacation. The beach does impact your mental health in the following ways:

1. Change of Scenery.
Some studies show that your senses experiencing the same thing repeatedly can cause Stress. When you change your setting and go to the beach, your senses are engaged in new sights, smells, tastes, and sounds. This can improve your mental state and increase feelings of relaxation.

2. Dose of Vitamin D
Many people are deficient in Vitamin D because we don't get outside enough anymore. Your body can make your daily dose of Vitamin D by being on the beach for 10 minutes, and it stores Vitamin D for later use.

3. Reduce Stress
The beach is relaxing and combats the number 1 destroyer of health, Stress. That makes a reason the doctor recommends a beach day! Spending just 20 minutes walking along the coast can boost your mood.

4. Improves Overall Well-being.
Exposure to the sun and ocean air is excellent for mental health. “Surf therapy” is shown to boost your overall mood. Getting in the water and moving around increases mindfulness and allows you to get some physical activity.

5. Beach Means Exercise
The beach leads to exercise, whether you are looking for it or not. Splashing around in the water or walking on the beach means more training for you.

6. Grounding Day
Many of us rarely spend time with our feet on the ground getting the electroactivity balancing benefits of regular grounding. Grounding has been shown to have many physiological benefits, including reducing inflammation and helping normalize your circadian rhythm.

7. Better Sleep
Does it matter? It might be the grounding. Or is it all the exercise or the relaxation of the beach? A day at the beach will help you sleep better.

8. Great for Skin
You can do something nice for your skin by going to the beach because sand is an excellent exfoliant. Take care of that skin with a nontoxic SPF, healthy foods, and good lotion.

9. Extra Beach Health Benefit
If you are swimming in the ocean, you get all the benefits of absorbing trace minerals through your skin. That includes magnesium, an electrolyte that supports many critical biological functions, including heart and muscle function. It's also been shown to reduce anxiety and help you sleep.

Are you feeling inspired? Are you feeling inspired? Grab your friends or family and take a break -- plan a grass camping trip or beach day. Don't know where to start? Start with purchasing a HIBLE carbon fiber beach tent (click to know more)! It will be all you need for a large sunshade, long usage, and UV-resistant!