Where To Use Your HIBLE Chair? - More About The Carbon Fiber Chair

Many old customers are interested in our product - the HIBLE carbon fiber folding chair. And want to know more about this product.

Here are the main advantages of our carbon fiber chair:

  • The frame of the product is also made of carbon fiber; it's sturdy enough we have tested it hundreds of times. The chair will be 5-7 times stronger than other materials (like aluminum or wooden chairs).
  • The seat cover is made of 600D Oxford fabric which is breathable, durable, UV-resistant, and tear-proof. It's easy to clean.
  • It's a lightweight carbon fiber chair. It weighs 2 pounds with a storage bag, size 14" x 5"x 4.5", is space-saving, and is compact enough.
  • This product is a compact folding chair that can be quickly installed and packed up. They are also great when space is an issue, as they are easy to move and fit around and under tables.

This HIBLE carbon fiber chair is a good choice for many occasions!

1. Camping

As your good camping companion, this carbon fiber folding chair will save the most space, and it's the lightest chair on the market!

2. Fishing

Fishing is outdoor activities that require patience. A comfortable chair is necessary for a long-time seat!

3. Picnic

It's easy to bring 4-6 HIBLE chairs for a picnic (our chair takes up less space in your car). It's portable and can be quickly installed.

4. Hiking

This compact, lightweight chair can fit in your hiking backpack easily. It will never be a trouble when you are hiking!

5. Beach.

How can the beach day miss this carbon fiber chair? The carbon fiber chair will never rust; you can sit by the sea and feel the waves and tides!


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Enjoy your time with the HIBLE carbon fiber chair!