Newest Residential Flagpole Of 2022 – Carbon Fiber Flag Pole

flag pole for house

Do you want to try a sturdier, lighter, and cooler flag pole in 2022?
HIBLE carbon fiber flag pole may be a good choice!

Why choose carbon fiber as the material of the flag pole?

Carbon is one of the most stable elements in the world. Carbon fiber is always called "the king of material," it has high strength and lightweight characteristics. HIBLE carbon fiber flag pole is made of natural T300 carbon fiber. It's lighter but sturdier than regular stainless steel and aluminum flag poles. 

What are the advantages of the HIBLE carbon fiber flag pole?

【Sturdy and rust free】The thickness of the HIBLE carbon fiber flagpole is over 1.2mm, the strength is 5-7 times that of aluminum and steel. It can easily bear at least 80 LB dumbbells and stay straight in our bearing test video. HIBLE Flag poles for houses can withstand all kinds of outdoor weather without rusting.

【Tangle free and adjustable】HIBLE porch flag pole has two 360° rotating rings which allow flags to fly freely and not wrap or tangle in the wind. This black flag pole consists of several sections poles. You could adjust the length according to your needs. Just don't stretch the flags too tight.

What made the HIBLE flag pole cooler?

The 3K glossy surface of HIBLE carbon fiber can not only increase the strength but also make your flagpoles shiny and different! The specially designed matte exterior of the bottom avoids scratching the smooth surface when inserting. Hanging a flag or banner on a carbon fiber flag pole will show your pride most.

6FT carbon fiber flag pole

Use the sturdiest carbon fiber flag pole – let the world see your pride!

flag poles for house