The Method To Test Carbon Fiber Flag Pole

As we all know, carbon fiber is always called “the king of material”, it has many characteristics like high strength and lightweight. It's widely used in the field of aerospace, F1 racing car, medical instruments, robot, and drones. But how to test carbon fiber products?

Common methods are ultrasonic, X-ray, HF Eddy Current, Radio Wave testing, or thermography. Additionally, Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) methods allow testing during application. But there is an easy method that you could test the product at home-burning it! Here are the steps of burning carbon fiber pole:

1. Light the pole at 500 ℃.

test a carbon fiber flag pole

2. At first, the resin on the surface is burning.

test a carbon fiber flag pole

3. Then you can see the carbon fiber silk.

test a carbon fiber flag pole

4. At the end of burning, you will see the carbon fiber clearly (it's layer by layer).

carbon fiber flag pole


Flag poles for outside always have to withstand all kinds of weather like rain or snow. All of the flag poles in HIBLE are made of T300 carbon fiber. It makes the flag poles sturdier, lighter, and never rust! You can use a carbon fiber pole for a long time!