The Advantages Of Carbon Fiber Flagpole

  • 【Light】 Carbon fiber is always called “the king of material”, it has many characteristics such as high strength and lightweight. It's widely used in the field of aerospace, F1 racing car, medical instruments, robot, and drones. It's less than half the weight of stainless steel or aluminum products but more sturdy, suitable for marching as a handheld flagpole.
    HIBLE carbon fiber flag pole - thicker but lighter
  • 【Never Rust】: A flag pole will always stand outside and have to withstand all kinds of weather like rain or snow. Rust-proofing is essential and necessary. Our Carbon fiber will never rust.
    HIBLE carbon fiber flag pole - never rust
  • 【Never Bend Or Break】: The thickness of our carbon flagpole is over 1.2mm, thicker than other competing goods (0.8mm in aluminum pole and 0.4mm in stainless steel pole), carbon fiber is 5-7 times the strength of those kinds of materials. It will be never bent or break which means you won’t have to bring your flag pole home every time in severe weather.
    HIBLE carbon fiber flag pole - never bend or break
  • 【Premium quality & Heavy duty】The flag pole rings & screws & carabiners & hex wrench are made of high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, the pole is made of silver carbon fiber, durable & no rust, no deformation, no cracking. But not recommend using it under the heavy wind, on the highway, or on the boat.
    HIBLE carbon fiber flag pole - heavy duty
  • 【Tangle Free & Adjustable】: Our flag pole rings are 360° anti-wrap rotating mounting rings that will protect your flag from being tangled. This flag pole will extend the life of your flag. The rings of our flagpole are movable, it will suit different sizes of flags.
    HIBLE carbon fiber flag pole - tangle free
  • 【Multi Selections】: We have flagpoles in different sizes (5FT, 6FT, 7FT, 8FT), different colors (Black, Silver), and different diameters (1" pole and bike flagpole). You can always find one to meet your need!