One More Section Sale! Order 6FT, Get 7FT Flag Pole

Do you need a longer flag pole to display your flag?
The most common length of the flag pole is 5FT and 6FT, but some customers need longer ones to display larger flags (like 3*5' or 4*6' flags). Now we have this sale to meet the demand:
Order a 6ft flag pole (5 sections), and get one more section!

You can keep the extra section as a replacement or connect it to prolong the flagpole length!

Here are some customer - show pics for the 7FT carbon fiber flag pole for your reference:

Trevor Ball: Excellent product and amazing customer service!!


Mahiskali: Perfect. Seriously. Used two of the "home improvement store" specials before, and always ended up with twisted and tangled flags. The difference here is measurable. At no point has our flag been tangled with this new pole, regardless of the wind. Don't bother with anything else, this is worth every penny.


Yaroslav: It's perfect, light and sturdy enough.


Gary B. : Easy to install and looks great..


Jimmy: This is absolutely fabulous. Thank you so much. It looks great and you did an outstanding job to make it happen. Thank you.


If you are interested in this activity, order a 6FT flag pole via this link now and get one more section!

If you also want a customized flag pole or need to place a bulk order, email us! We will do our best to help and apply the discount for you:)