Motorcycle Flag Pole - HIBLE Carbon Fiber Flag Pole

The flag pole for the motorcycle must be sturdy, cool, and long-last. Our customer David purchased a HIBLE 6FT carbon fiber pole a year ago, and it worked fantastically.

Recently, he re-purchased 2 more and sent us some customer show.

The carbon fiber pole looks perfect with his motorcycle!

He is a Guam HAWGS Motorcycle Club member on the island of Guam. 


He showed us some pics of Guam’s Liberation Parade (which is held every year on July 21st). 

He also (along with others) does funeral escorts for military personnel and veterans.  

Thanks for the efforts from David and members of his motorcycle club. What they did is very meaningful.

P.S. If you or your motorcycle club needs a quality flag pole, choose HIBLE. Your flags deserve a premium carbon fiber flag pole.