Longer Flag Pole - 7FT & 8FT Flag Pole For House

The most common flag pole size on the market is 6FT and 5FT. But many customers need longer flag poles for some reason (a shorter flag pole whips up against the roof; need the flag pole is high above the sidewalk and more visible).

Some customers may contact us for one more section:

But the most convenient way is to buy a longer flagpole directly. HIBLE considers the need of all customers. We have the 7FT and 8FT flag poles on sale to meet your requirement.

HIBLE 7FT Carbon Fiber Flag Pole For House

7FT carbon fiber flag pole

HIBLE 8FT Carbon Fiber Flag Pole For House

8FT carbon fiber flag pole

Here is an $8 code for you in case you need a 7FT or 8FT flag pole: HIBLE

You will always find an ideal flag pole in HIBLE!