Install Carbon Fiber Flag Poles On Your Jeeps (Cool Jeep Pic)!

Many customers bought our carbon fiber flag poles for their vehicles.
Installing it on Jeep is among the most popular usages for HIBLE carbon fiber poles!

Here, our customer Chandra shared a pic of the HIBLE flag poles on their cool Jeeps with us: 

She bought two different HIBLE flag poles. One for herself and one for her significant other. They love them so much! 

The flag pole on the white Jeep in the middle is our one-piece 5FT carbon fiber flag pole (1 inch), and the right gray Jeep is with our 6FT two-piece carbon fiber flag pole (1.25 inch). Both flag poles are specially designed for Jeep/SUV/Truck/Motorcycle. 


Why should we choose the HIBLE flag pole for Jeep?

  1. Sturdy enough. Distinguish from a regular flag pole with several sections (the main advantage of several sections flag pole is for storage; the flag pole installed on the vehicle did not need to consider the storage problem); we designed the flag pole in one or two sections to ensure the sturdiness.
  2. Cool look! Is there any material cooler than carbon fiber? A carbon fiber flag pole is the most suitable partner for your cool Jeep!
  3. Windproof and rust-free. Carbon fiber is 5-7 times stronger than other materials; it won't easily bend or break. As one of the most stable elements, the products made of carbon won't rust, even on rainy days or in another humid environment.


If you also have a Jeep and want to make it cooler, order HIBLE carbon fiber flag poles via the links:

5FT (1 inch):

6FT (1 1/4 inch): 


Email us if you also want a customized flag pole or need to place a bulk order! We will do our best to help and apply the discount for you. :)