How To Use HIBLE Carbon Fiber Safety Flag Pole?

bike safety flag

Safety flags serve as a warning to the public and employees. When attached to an item, that item's visibility is greatly enhanced. They can be used for both commercial and personal warning systems.
Today, we want to tell you about some occasions to apply the safety flag pole.

1. Attach safety flag on the bicycle
Bike safety flags work well because they elevate above the bike, and their bright colors and dramatic movements draw attention.

bike safety flag pole

It's necessary to install a safety flag while road riding at night.
riding at night with bike safety flag

2. Attach safety flag on the wheelchair
To avoid an unexpected accident, people should be easy to spot when crossing the road or getting lost. For mobility aid users, a high eye-catching safety flag is of vital importance. Increase your visibility while enjoying your independence.

install a safety flag on wheelchair

3. Attach safety flag on other transportation
There are too many ways to make full use of a safety flag pole. For example. You can install it on a golf cart. It looks cool and casual.

safety flag on golf cart

You can also attach it to the front rack on your outdoor vehicles to knock out spider webs on trails leading through the woods.
application of safety flag

So which way do you use the safety flag?

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