How To Choose A Beach Tent – Have A Wonderful Beach Day

If you’re looking for a simple solution to stay protected from the sun, nothing’s better than a beach tent. Thus we’ve brought you the complete guide to the best beach tents.

When choosing a beach tent, ensure that the material provides UV protection. Also, ensure that it’s lightweight and big enough for your family. You’ll also want it to be easy to assemble, disassemble, and pack.

Why Buy A Beach Tent | Buying Considerations | Best Beach Tents List

Why Buy A Beach Tent?
With a beach tent, you can easily shield yourself, your children, and others from the sun and wind.

HIBLE carbon fiber beach tent

Beach tents are made with fabric that blocks the sun’s damaging UV rays. So after loads of fun activities, it’s the perfect shelter when you feel like you need a break.

They offer shelter from the rain, or strong winds, are usually easy to set up and can be purchased for a reasonable cost.

How To Choose A Beach Tent?
The fabric and structure of your beach tent are essential to consider.

Beach Tent Material
Now commonly, beach tents are made up of nylon or polyester. This makes it lightweight and also offers you protection from the sun.

But some beach tents are also UV protected. If you live in a warm place, we highly suggest choosing a UV-protected beach tent.

50 UPF protection

This will protect your delicate skin from sun damage when resting in the shade. You can go with nylon or polyester, but we recommend a tent that clearly states it is also UV protected.

Beach Tent Structure
If you live in a windy place, you may want beach tents that can be closed up. This gives you that extra bit of privacy and can be a reliable way to store your valuable items.

However, if that’s not a concern, you could always opt for an open beach tent and enjoy the view of the ocean while relaxing.

A tent with sturdier poles and a system for locking/securing to the ground should be a consideration for windier areas.

The Size of Your Beach Tent
This is another factor you must consider before you buy a beach tent. After all, the last thing you would want is to cramp a party of three or four people in a small tent meant for 1. Look for a tent with vestibules for added storage space.

So ask yourself who you usually spend the weekend at the beach with? A medium-sized beach tent will work perfectly if it’s just you and your small family.

But if you’re more of a party animal, we suggest that you buy a big oversized tent to fit in all of your friends or children.

10*10 FT beach tent

Nobody likes carrying a rock around while relaxing at the beach. So even if you think you’ve found the perfect beach tent, don’t forget to check how heavy it is (carbon fiber beach tent is the lightest type in the market).

We suggest you pick the most lightweight option available in the segment of beach tent that you’re interested in.

That’s because a beach tent for ten people will be heavier than one designed for four people.

Generally, like backpacking tents, the lighter your tent, the more expensive it may be, or the less durable it is. Consider this in your purchasing decision.

Usability / Ease of Setup
When you buy a beach tent, don’t forget to check whether it can be set up quickly (we suggest a pop-up design for beach tent poles).

Today with so many options, you’ll find beach tents that can be set up exceptionally efficiently by one person. Still, tents with complicated poll systems might be more challenging to set up, especially if there are winds on the beach or if you are alone.

easy to install beach tent

We recommend finding a 1 or 2 pole system in which you can see the ease of setup beforehand. You’ll avoid frustration and save time when you get an easy setup tent.

HIBLE carbon fiber beach tent

The Color
Don’t forget to pay attention to the color of your beach tent! This may not be a consideration for some, but having a beach tent that isn’t the same color as everyone else’s can make it easier to find along the beach for both you and others that are meeting you. Additionally, you may just be concerned with the overall look. Getting a vibrant and unusual color may not be attractive, but it may help you not walk into the wrong tent in the future.


HIBLE carbon fiber beach tent meets all needs for a beach tent. It's large enough (10*10 FT for 6-8 adults), light enough (4 sturdy but light carbon fiber poles), easy to set up (pop-up design, install in minutes), and has UV resistant function (UPF50+) & beautiful color (royal blue). It will be a fantastic choice for the coming summer!

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