Go For Your First Picnic in 2023 With A HIBLE Tent!

Spring is coming; are you eager to be close to nature? It's time for a picnic with a beautiful, sturdy tent!

Why choose our carbon fiber tent/canopy?

1. Sturdy: The poles made of carbon fiber are 5-7 times sturdier than other poles.

2. Big: 10*10 FT canopy is suitable for 4-6 adults (the size of the picnic mat in the pic is 2*2m).

3. Protection: Crafted with water-resistant and UPF 50+ elastic Lycra fabric.

4. Convenient: The pop-up design makes the assembly process more convenient.  

Do you need a canopy with a large shade that never breaks and withstands high wind? Choose the sturdiest carbon canopy. Choose HIBLE!