Frequently Asked Questions About HIBLE Camp Chair

1. How Much Weight Does a Camping Chair Hold?
Like camping chairs or lawn chairs, most folding chairs can bear weight between 250 and 350 pounds. The HIBLE camp chair can hold 330 pounds.

2. Can You Take a Camping Chair On a Plane?
Yes! You can take a camping chair on a plane. There are no restrictions on bringing portable camp chairs on the plane. As most airlines show a size or weight limit for carry-on baggage and check, you are good to go if your chair easily fits in your suitcase.

3. Can I Use a Camping Chair In the Rain?
The HIBLE camp chair is made of carbon fiber, which is water-resistant, having no problems while standing up to the rain. When camping, you can also leave them outside without fear of ruining them.

4. Can I Use a HIBLE Chair On the Beach?
As our folding chair is made of rigid weather-resistant carbon fiber (never rust with sea breeze), they are comfortable and durable. So yes! The HIBLE chair can be helpful on the beach. Many customers use HIBLE chairs as fishing chairs when fishing on the beach.

5. How Do You Dry a HIBLE Chair?
The best way to dry your camping chairs is to air-dry them entirely in direct sunlight. Then, once you see them dry, store them in a dry place until you plan your next camping trip.


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