Do You Want To Customize Your Own Flag Pole?

Our customer Vince was interested in "16FT Flag Pole Carbon Fiber Flagpole 5-Section Long Pole" but he was looking for a slightly longer pole. We helped him with a customized flag pole which is 20FT in length, 6-sections.

Here are the dimensions for each section:

Section 1:OD 25.8mm, ID 23.4mm (install the 1" spinner)
Section 2:OD 29mm, ID 26.4mm (install the 1.25" spinner)
Section 3:OD 32.2mm, ID 29.6mm
Section 4: OD 35.4mm, ID 32.8mm
Section 5:OD 38.8mm, ID 36mm
Section 6:OD 42.2mm, ID 39.4mm

Vince received the flag pole and used it at a music festival! See how it looks!

It's amazing! Vince said the flag pole worked well! 

If you also want to customize a flagpole with longer length or wider diameter to meet your own needs, please contact us (click to email us) ; we will offer professional suggestion and help you with a unique HIBLE carbon fiber flag pole!