Do You Want A Custom Flag Pole?

Do you want the flag pole in different pieces/lengths/colors/surfaces?
Some customers contact us for customized flag pole requests. The answer we gave is "Yes"!

1. We can make a flag pole in 9FT,10FT, etc. Also 1FT, 2FT, 3FT, 4FT, these shorter length. You can get a flag pole as long/short as you want! (below is a customer show- we send an extra section to change a 6FT flag pole to an 8FT flag pole)
2. If you need a flag pole made of fewer sections (1 section, 2-sections...) flag poles, we can customize it for you! (below is the pic of a custom 2-pieces 6FT carbon fiber flag pole)
3. Do you need a flag pole with a different color? Red, blue, gold, or rainbow color? We can make flagpoles with the other color as you need. (below is the flag pole with a rainbow color)
A unique flag pole is not only a decoration but also bearing your pride for your flag/banner.
Contact HIBLE to get your own flag pole!