Customized 25FT Carbon Fiber Flag Pole - Customer Review

Our customer Tony needs a strong 25FT carbon fiber telescopic flagpole, and we customized one for him!

Here are the dimensions for each section of the 25FT flagpole (8-section)

Section 1:OD 25.8mm, ID 23.4mm (which could install the 1" spinner)
Section 2:OD 29mm, ID 26.4mm (which could install the 1.25" spinner)
Section 3:OD 32.2mm, ID 29.6mm
Section 4: OD 35.4mm, ID 32.8mm
Section 5:OD 38.8mm, ID 36mm
Section 6:OD 42.2mm, ID 39.4mm
Section 7:OD 45.8mm, ID 42.8mm
Section 8:OD 49.4mm, ID 46.4mm

Tony poured concrete around the in-ground pipe and extended it 2 feet [609.6mm] deep in the ground with an AG SDR 32.5 PVC pipe. He inserted the flag pole into a spacer PVC pipe, which is 32 inches long [81.28cm] between the concrete PVC and flag pole.

He is excited to share the steps for installing his flag pole (see the video below).

Thanks, Tony, for his detailed and sweet instructions; it will help us a lot!

If you also want to customize a flagpole with longer length or wider diameter to meet your own needs, please contact us (click to email us) ; we will offer professional suggestion and help you with a unique HIBLE carbon fiber flag pole!