Customer Shows Of HIBLE Accessories

Besides the carbon fiber flag poles, HIBLE sells some flag pole accessories like rings and mounts. To show the greatest pride for the country, HIBLE offers the best quality carbon fiber as well as flagpole accessories.

Flag pole rings with built-in bearings:

Scottie: Theses things work so well I don’t believe it. The flag moves so effortlessly that it hasn’t tangled in more than a week. They are definitely worth buying if you want your flag to float in the wind.


Mary M.: I have been fighting with my flag for years and have tried almost everything but these really work. My flag has yet to be tangled up!


Kul: Night and day. Now I don't have to check on my flags between quarters to make sure they are flying perfect (superstitious) haha .. using these on some older flag poles and they work great. I will never go without them!


1" Multi-position flag pole mounting bracket:

John C.: Sturdy and well made.


If you need these high-quality flagpole products, here is the link for HIBLE accessories:

Email us if you also want a customized flag pole or need to place a bulk order! We will do our best to help and apply the discount for you. :)