Customer Show For Truck Flag Pole (5FT And 6FT)

People love to use carbon fiber flag poles on their vehicles due to their high strength and unique surface. This HIBLE professional truck flag poles can withstand high wind while driving! 

Here are some customer show pics of flying your flags with HIBLE 5FT&6FT carbon fiber flag poles on the vehicles!

5FT single-piece flag pole:

Cathy: Bought these for the back of my Jeep, they came in their own sleeves. Very sturdy and looks very strong. Definitely worth the money and would recommend them to others.


Matt L.: I finally opened them today, mounted them in my truck, and they looked and performed GREAT all the way up to 50 mph!


Darlene Allen: Received the flagpole



Rene M.: These flag poles came in very handy! I've looked around elsewhere but never was able to locate anything that could with stand 50+mph winds! I drove my truck with the flagpoles 1hr away from my town to another town! They stand to their name! Thanks guys for a product that proves itself to be strong!


Jeff Ann: The one piece carbon fiber pole has a great look and is definitely stronger than a multi- piece pole. This pole has been on my Jeep since I got it and have had many compliments. Thank you for assisting me choose the pole I needed!!


Mark Lefkowitz: Love my new flag pole!!
5 stars!! Great company!!


Robert Koken: Well made and a true one piece carbon fiber pole. Perfect for my race flag! Came packaged in a reusable storage sleeve.


6FT two-piece flag pole:

Chandra Paradis-Donahue: I purchased two poles one is a 1 inch pole and one is a one and 1/4 inch pole. They are both absolutely lovely sturdy reliable stand up to both high speeds and aggressive operating. They are beautiful to look at and they hold heavy duty flags as well. I am very happy with my decision to buy both a pole for my jeep, as well as that of my significant other, I would recommend these polls to anybody looking to add a flag to their jeep. Thank you so very much for the wonderful product.


Mr Tim Yearneau: I think that is fabulous! I’m really enjoying the flagpole. Nice and sturdy. I’ve been doing flag drive by of my friends to show off…hehehe…thank you.


Thomas Gooch: We think it looks great!

The HIBLE truck flag pole is specially designed for your Jeep, SUV, Pickup, RV, or motorcycle. If you are interested in this strongest carbon fiber flag pole, order via this link:



Email us if you also want a customized flag pole or need to place a bulk order! We will do our best to help and apply the discount for you. :)