2023 Christmas Sale (will end on Jan 1st)

Christmas will come soon. Do you want to order a new flag pole for your house/vehicle/yard, beach tent, or a camping chair for the coming 2024? If yes, HIBLE has a sale for you!

The best Christmas deals 2023:


  • Enjoy 16% OFF Storewide

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Here are some real customer shows for HIBLE carbon products:

5FT Carbon Fiber Black Flag Pole


5FT Carbon Fiber Single-piece Flag Pole (for Jeep/Truck)


5FT Carbon Fiber Silver Flag Pole

6FT Carbon Fiber Black Flag Pole

7FT Carbon Fiber Black Flag Pole


8FT Carbon Fiber Black Flag Pole


10FT Carbon Fiber Black Flag Pole


12FT Carbon Fiber Black Flag Pole



Carbon Fiber Compact Camping Chair (Black)


Carbon Fiber Beach Tent (10*10FT, Blue)

Why choose products made of Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber is always called “the king of material”; it has many characteristics such as high strength and lightweight. It's widely used in aerospace, F1 racing cars, medical instruments, robots, and drones. The products made from carbon fiber are sturdier, lighter, more rustproof, and waterproof than those made of aluminum alloy, wood, or stainless steel. Also, the 3K surface makes them look cooler!

carbon fiber poles
Compare carbon flag poles and flag poles made of other materials:
  • Sturdy than other flag poles and never bend:
  • Has a good surface that is cool and never rusts:
  • Thicker but lighter than metal flag poles:

Moreover, you can get a free flag pole (click for more details) if you offer us your customer show!

If you want a customized flag pole or order in bulk, contact us, and we will help you with customization or wholesale discount:)