Customer Shows Of 6FT Carbon Fiber Flagpoles

As the most common size of flag poles, 6FT flag poles are our top-selling products. Here we received some customer show pics. Let's look at how they suit the carbon fiber flag pole with their house.
  • Shawn R.: Love this flag pole. It’s super sturdy. Looks great too. Their customer service is awesome. I had a small issue And they fixed it immediately. Great product, great company.


  • James: It holds up very well in the wind which was my main concern and reason for buying.


  • Scott A.: This pole works great! No more unfurling my flags every hour!


  • David B.: I contacted Hible directly and just tried to purchase Toppers on my own. Hible’s customer service said that they would take care of me with no expense to me, what get customer service.



  • Alicia: Very sturdy and quick to install God bless America


  • Nicolas: Looks great on my fence!


  • Matthew: I purchased two of these for national and state flags. They look fantastic with their simple and elegant black poles and black finial balls (i.e. the poles' end pieces). I like the permanence of the 45-degree mounts ... no mechanical gizmos. Plus the poles can be placed horizontal. The mounts and poles are very sturdy in high winds with 5-foot by 3-foot nylon flags of about 9-ounces in weight. Disclaimer: I purchased wood screws separately for good widths and deep drives into my townhouse's wood-shingled walls. The swivels are not perfect in all wind speeds and wind directions. Sometimes you'll have unwind your flag or flags -- not a big deal. I tried large round key rings in lieu of the provided carabiners; not sure if this helped to improve swiveling. Note that the swivels should not hold the header/hoist side tightly; they should be positioned in a ways for easier swiveling. (See picture.) The cloth weight of the flags you purchase will make a difference in how often your flags get wound up. Generally speaking, a heavier flag (nylon) is better than a lighter flag (polyester). Over time, some mount components do corrode in humid, rainy weather, etc. -- again, not a big deal imho. This is pretty much limited to the wingnut locking screws (which are not really needed given the tightness of the poles' fit) and the wood screws I purchased. I should note the bracket's black coating is holding up very well. Lastly, yes, the carbon fiber poles are initially hard to place into and pull of out of the mounts -- very, very tight. If this is not for you, please keep shopping. If not a major problem, over time the carbon fiber does wear down, and putting out and bringing in your flags daily gets much easier -- please note this wear-down of the carbon fiber does take a couple months. Enjoy!


  • Sean H.: Excellent quality,easily assembled, looks great!



  • Kate: Enjoy seeing our flag displayed on a high quality carbon fiber pole. We know it will be there for the long haul. We love it, another great quality Hible Carbon product!


  • Paulette W.: This flag pole is absolutely the best.  Looks amazing and old glory waves without getting tangled up!


  • Harry: Flag pole looks great on my boat. The black carbon fiber has a very classy look. I also like the flexibility of making the pole a little shorter by removing one section. Also the swivels that hold the flag actually work and my flag flies freely. Nice product.


  • Dave: My flag looks beautiful with the carbon fiber flag pole. It seems to last long!


  • Jacky P.: Very light but durable flag pole. Very easy to assemble.


  • Michael Gecan: 2 flagpoles (both homemade/wood) and 3 flags needed replacing due to being outdoors in direct sunlight year round for 2+ years. Found these carbon fiber units, ordered 1 to start with then, after receiving it and being duly impressed, I immediately ordered a second along with 2 additional spinners. Both poles are 6', one flies a 3"x5" Stars and Bars, the 2nd flies the state flag of Wisconsin and a Wounded Warriors flag, both 2"x3". Love them both. Buy them, you'll be glad you did! P.S., tried to attach a photo but anybody's guess if it gets thru on my pathetic satellite internet service


  • Trevor C McKinley: They are already installed and are working great, this company’s customer service is the best I’ve dealt with in any company. They stand by their product 100% as they should as it is very well made with their new upgrades.


  • nancy l loeffler: This flagpole is worth the price, and I've been through a lot of flagpoles. The photo shows a pole up that's been up over three years, in our wet Florida environment, still no rust. The flagpole has a beautiful gray/black surface and is easily to assemble and use. It's very lightweight but strong! . The spinning anti tangle collars are designed to be used with grommet flags vs the sleeve style of many garden flags. These rolling collars have snap links to attach to the grommets; the collars can be slid along the pole (loosen and tighten with an Allen wrench) to give the flag a tight neat look. I have noted only minimal flag tangling on windy days but the flag always untangles quickly on its own. This pole has a great design.

  • Jeeper: I have had it outside for months now in 50+ mph winds and extreme cold in NH and it has held up great!
    Strong sturdy pole plus amazing customer service equals a very happy person.
    One piece of advice: when you screw the pole together, use something on the threads to stop it from unscrewing. I used plumber's tape and that has helped.

  • J D Woomer: Black flagpole very stylish and sturdy. I’m quite pleased with this purchase.
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We have black flagpoles in different sizes (5FT6FT7FT8FT, 12FT, 16FT), silver flag pole, and one-piece flag pole without connectors (3FT single piece, 5FT single piece). You can always find one to meet your need!