Customer Show Pics Of Longer Flag Poles

Some customers send us pics of longer HIBLE carbon fiber flag poles; let's take a more intuitive look at the flagpole lengths!

10FT Carbon Fiber Flag Pole (click to order):

"As someone from the customer service industry I really appreciate the great service."


12FT Carbon Fiber Flag Pole (click to order):

"Great quality, light weight, easy to set up and store because it collapses from 12Ft into 5Ft. You will need a posthole digger, cement, and the right size pipe for installation. My only disappointment is that it only holds one flag at a time."


16FT Carbon Fiber Flag Pole (click to order):

"I've attached a photo of the 16ft telescopic flagpole with my 6x8 American flag. I'll definitely make a video of it waving proudly!"


Email us if you also want to share your beautiful pic! We can also customize the flag pole as you need!